Title: I Am an IC

Description: Real people providing real Internet business solutions.

Webmercial Transcript:

Male IC #1: I'm an educator. Male IC #2: I market websites. Female IC #1: I am a web place that works. Male IC #3: I have production centers world wide. Female IC #2: I offer web solutions. Male IC #4: I have been professionally trained. Male IC #1: I have the latest technology. Female IC #1: I have a one-stop shop to Internet success. Male IC #3: I offer business solutions. Male IC #4: I'm Greg Feiger and I'm an Internet Consultant. Female IC #2: I'm Kelly Roden and I'm an Internet Consultant. Male IC #3: I'm Larry Harry and I'm a WSI Internet Consultant. Voice Over: e-commerce, e-business, e-world. For more information about solutions for your business contact your local WSI Internet Consultant.