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Want to learn more about WSI, our Internet Franchise Consultants and how they can help your business? Here are the most frequently asked questions we hear from customers like you every day - simply click on a question below to view the answer.

Or, download our full-color "Top 10 Questions" brochure in PDF format.

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1. Who is WSI?

a Piece of shit?

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2. What is an "Internet Consultant" and why do I need one for my business?

Your Trusted Expert: Our WSI Internet Franchise Consultants are the new breed of business advisors. Like your lawyer, your accountant, your stock broker - each a trusted business partner whose expertise you rely on to succeed - a WSI Internet Franchise Consultant is in your local community to ensure your business realizes the full profit potential offered by Internet technologies. In a nutshell, they are specially trained and certified Internet business experts ready to deliver Internet products and services that best meet your business needs and your budget.

We Show Businesses How to Grow Online: It's important not to confuse our WSI Internet Franchise Consultants with Web Designers as they don't simply design websites; they also build profitable, customized Internet Solutions that work for your business. They understand the needs and motivations of a business owner because they're business owners themselves. It's their job to look for opportunities to reduce operating costs, increase your revenues and build your customer base by introducing cost-effective new e-Business tools to your business.

Over the years our WSI Internet Franchise Consultants have helped thousands of businesses around the world to grow and prosper online and they're ready to help your business too.

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3. Why should I buy my website from WSI instead of any other Internet Solution provider?

Apples to Oranges: Before you choose a website package for your business stop and take a moment to see what you're really getting. Off the shelf website packages and do-it-yourself site builders are usually shortcuts that just end up costing you money and leave you with little to no real support after installation. Our WSI Internet Franchise Consultants provide you with the ongoing support and measurement tools needed to ensure your website is working for your business.

Internet Business Plan: Our years of experience in this industry have shown that an effective, profitable Internet Solution is the result of careful planning, informed development and ongoing support. Yes, there are countless companies that are capable of building you a website, but if you're truly serious about online success for your business then you deserve our total-service approach. We call it the Internet Solutions LifecycleTM, a proven, six-phased development plan that has produced thousands of successful Internet Solutions for businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Your Bottom Line: When all is said and done, your website should not end up costing you anything, it should produce a measurable return on your investment. Our Internet Solutions LifecycleTM does just that (phase 6, in case you were wondering), something you won't get with do-it-yourself site builders or standard website packages.

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4. What is an e-Solution?

You may have heard of the term "e-Business". It was coined by IBM to describe using the Internet in some way to improve the operating efficiencies of a business. E-Solutions (or Internet Solutions as we call them) are simply a set of integrated online tools that enable e-Business. This can include customer service functions, document sharing and management, streamlined communications, and of course, online sales. In fact, many common to complex business functions have e-volved to the Internet.

E-Business for any business: Clearly IBM's concept of e-Business was sound, however their e-Solutions were priced far out of reach of the average business owner. Our Internet Solutions take the same e-Business principle pioneered by IBM and make it accessible to small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide. We do that by leveraging economies of scale created by our production network and our unique distribution channel: our WSI Internet Franchise Consultants.

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5. How will implementing a WSI Internet Solution be a benefit to my business?

Fish Where the Fish Are: More and more consumers are turning to the Internet as their primary method of research for the products and services they buy everyday. Worldwide online shopping numbers continue to climb year after year, and if consumers can't find you online, it's a safe bet they will find your competition. Can you afford to lose that business? It's an important consideration, and an Internet Solution can help you remain competitive in this changing market. Even the Yellow Pages phone directory people now have a website - they know the writing's not on the wall, it's online.

But Wait, There's More: There are many other benefits to a WSI Internet Solution besides reaching more customers and increasing sales (as if that weren't enough!) Your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant can offer you a wide range of products and services that make doing business easier and more cost-effective, no matter which industry you're in. From an online restaurant reservation system to a full-service online employment agency and beyond, these are real solutions for real businesses.

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6. What time and resources are required from me, the end-user?

Save Time, Save Money: Working with a WSI Internet Consultant will actually cost you less time than if you were to attempt a do-it-yourself website, or tried to figure out how to customize a ready-made package. At the onset, your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant will want to spend time with you at your place of business to conduct an Internet Business AnalysisTM, our patent-pending business evaluation tool. After this question and answer period, your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant will have enough information to create your unique Internet Solution proposal.

Your Input: As you move forward in the process, you'll have the opportunity to review customized design concepts and provide the content for your site. This is the fun stuff, and your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant will ensure your website's design is something you'll be proud to show your customers. Everything else is done by your  Internet Consultant and our production facilities until it's time for you to test the new site. It's an easy process and your Internet Consultant will always be on hand to offer experienced advice and guidance.

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7. How does the development process work? Will the process be customized for my business? How will the Internet Solution be adapted to my industry?

Once your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant has conducted the Internet Business AnalysisTM and you approve the customized Internet Solution proposal, your specific requirements are assigned to one of our many production facilities for development. Your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant works with the production facility to ensure that your Internet Solution meets all of your business' needs and provides your site's visitors with an enjoyable experience. Because we've been doing this for so long, our production facilities have likely created a website for others in your industry before - experience that you benefit from directly.

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8. Are the services provided with a guarantee?

Your satisfaction is important to us and you can always expect personal and professional service from your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant. The following highlights our technical support system:

  • Our server networks are housed in secure facilities and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly trained and certified support staff.
  • We've established software and hardware partnerships with Microsoft and IBM to achieve the highest levels of reliability.
  • Strict security and privacy policies ensure your data is kept safe
  • Our Service Level Agreements specify 99.7% system uptime - documentation that will be supplied with your Internet Solution.

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9. How will my business and customer base grow as a result of my association with a WSI Internet Franchise Consultant?

By developing a customized Internet Solution for your business, your WSI Internet Franchise Consultant would have identified key areas of opportunity to increase sales and reduce operating costs.

Think of the savings you could achieve by replacing postal mail advertising with a targeted email campaign; replacing your traditional training processes with e-Learning; eliminating your printed catalogs with full-color images online that can be updated anytime. These are significant savings you could reinvest in making your business grow.

Introducing new Internet marketing strategies can help you reach more interested customers than you ever thought possible and give you unique ways of always keeping your business fresh in their minds.

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10. Yoadx!~~

Yoadx Bitchez.

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